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Opened for business in 1978, Lumark is now owned by Cooper Lighting by Eaton, one of the most groundbreaking LED lighting companies in the industry. Outdoor lighting products from Lumark are energy efficient and architecturally designed, guaranteeing an impressive performance as well as an attractive look. Plus, Lumark's outdoor range of LED wall lights offer impressive weather-proof and high-temperature resistant designs.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized distributor of Lumark lighting products. We carry a wide range of the brand's outdoor lights in order to provide our customers with the products they need. These come in various electrical set ups, functions, styles, bulb type, and much more. Plus, the Lumark lights available here at Westside Wholesale can be sorted by important features, including lumen output, color, color temperature, wattage, voltage, and other attributes. This way, you can get to the product you need much faster.

We've found that Westside Wholesale's customers respond well to Lumark LED outdoor lighting's rugged construction, maximum energy efficient design, and overall low cost. Their wall packs, flood lights, and other outdoor lighting fixtures are made to last. They come from a true leader in the field, a company that has strong ties to other lighting design innovators. Plus, Lumark has a 60,000 square foot innovation center, where their engineers constantly update and redesign LED lighting solutions.

If you have questions about Lumark outdoor lights, please contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team. Our customer service agents can help guarantee that your order is compatible with your installation and that you're happy with the product you purchase. Westside Wholesale offers competitive prices on Lumark lights, with additional discounts on bulk shipping orders.

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