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Lutron was started in its founder's lab when he invented one of the first dimmers for household use in the late 1950s. Since then, the company has been an industry leader in all facets of lighting control. Westside Wholesale has many items available from Lutron for residential and commercial use, from controls like switches, dimmers and motion sensors to electrical outlets, wall plates and network infrastructure products. We're also happy to carry Lutron's state-of-the-art lighting control systems that allow for synchronization and wireless control over Lutron systems in the home.

Lutron's dimmers, light switches, wall plates, outlets and receptacles are available in several types of styles and colors. This allows for easy coordination between the systems and the home's decor. For larger connected systems with matching styles, Lutron has created multiple product lines that sync up with a simple installation process. Many of these products are compatible with modern eco-conscious technology, including Lutron dimmer LED controls and energy savers like indoor timers and occupancy sensors.

Another popular and well-made product from the brand is their electrical wall plates. These come in standard and specialty styles and can be used with many types of switches and dimmers from other brands. Popular lines with unique styles include the Lutron Maestro and Lutron Diva dimmer collections.

Additionally, Lutron's network infrastructure and home automation systems allow for many customizable home settings. Westside Wholesale provides all the components needed to set those systems up, as well as many accessories for Lutron lighting products as well. Lutron shades controls, audio receivers, ceiling fan speed controls, master controls, and many other products can all be connected in this way.

Lutron is truly a leader in the field of dimmer switches, wall plates, electrical outlets, and much more. Westside Wholesale is a proud authorized retailer of the Lutron brand. If you want to place an order or have a question about Lutron, contact us today.