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About Lutron Dimmer Switches

For over 50 years, Lutron Dimmer Switches have been at the forefront of innovating dimmer switches for residential and commercial buildings. In 1959, Joel Spira invented the very first solid-state dimmer. Lutron also created the first electronic dimming ballast for fluorescent lights and the first self-contained preset lighting control system.

Lutron Dimmer designer, traditional, architectural, and new architectural styles enable you to pick from different on and off features like a smooth-sliding knob, a rocker switch, rotary knob, tap or a toggle switch with slide dimmer that allow you to adjust brightness, and turn lights on at a preset level.

Lutron Dimmer Benefits:

  • Save Money with reduce energy consumption
  • Reduced Eye Strain and Increased Productivity
  • Increase living comfort and habitat
  • Extend light bulb life and less maintenance
  • Dimming Lights run cooler

A Lutron Dimmer gives you the power to transform any space with controlled light. Allow a Lutron Dimmer with its superior light control, multiple design options, functionality, ease of use, sleek look, and energy efficiency enhance the comfort and appeal in your home or office.

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