Lutron Electrical Wall Plates

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About Lutron Electrical Wall Plates

Westside Wholesale offers wide range of Traditional, Architectural and Designer Lutron Electrical Wall Plates and Accessories that will fit the needs of any room in all types of buildings.

Lutron Electrical Wall Plates, presented in Westside Wholesale, have the following features:

  • Standard light switches compatibility;
  • High-quality and long-lasting materials;
  • Durable colors and different color options available;
  • Easy and quick screwless mounting;
  • One-year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Approval from Underwriters Laboratories;
  • Approval from CSA International;
  • Large edges provide extra coverage for possible wall gaps;
  • Excellent cleanability and high cleaning solutions resistance;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Multiple sizes, configurations and designs.

The variety of Lutron Electrical Designer Wall Plate Collection is presented with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-gang models performed in Stainless Steel and Satin color options. Such plates have crisp edges, rounded corners and screwless mounting.

Architectural Lutron Wall Plate Collection is also available in 1- to 6-gang variation but has different color options that include Matte and Metal finishes. Architectural plates have beveled edges and square corners.

Traditional Wall Plates differ by their standard opening, beveled edges and rounded corners and are available in Stainless Steel and Gloss color options with single up to six gang variations.

Westside Wholesale also offers Lutron Wall Plates for telephone, plugs and toggle placements.

Lutron Electrical Wall Plates perfectly complement the decor of any room and are almost unnoticeable when installed. Various finishing materials, configurations and sizes provide solutions for commercial, industrial, or residential applications. It's almost impossible to think of a better selection of models when choosing a functional and stylish electrical wall plate. That's why Westside Wholesale offers exceptional high-quality products with prices affordable for a budget of an average family.

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