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About Lutron Light Switches

Westside Wholesale makes sure its customers get the best Lighting and Electrical supplies. That is why this shop only sells high quality items from world's leading manufacturers and offers up to 10% discount for all items purchased in a bundle.

Lutron Light Switches and Accessories, presented in this category, have the following features:

  • Fit the UL/CSA Standards and Certifications;
  • Made from high-quality and durable materials;
  • Multiple configurations, color options and designs will match the requirements of any room;
  • Compatible with any standard light switch;
  • Easy screwless mounting;
  • Neutral wires not required during installation;
  • Multiple independent controls;
  • Safe and secure design.

Lutron Light Switches are usually used for both residential and commercial electrical applications. Many color options, including white, ivory, sand, almond, black, silver and others, make it easy to find a perfect switch for any device.

Selecting Lutron items from wide choice of other electrical products has the following advantages:

  • Lutron Light Accessories enhance convenience and comfort in a room while increasing productivity;
  • Lutron Light Switches improve security and safety and save energy at the same time.

It is important to consider the types and compatibility of Lutron Light Switches when selecting one for a lighting device. It is also necessary to keep their future location and purpose in mind. Here are the types of Lutron Light Switches offered by Westside Wholesale:

  • Single-Pole Switches. They control only one device from a single location and are easy to install.
  • 3- and 4-Way Switches. Have a slightly complicated installation but are able to control electrical device from multiple locations. Such Switches are perfect for large rooms, hallways or stairways.
  • Double Switches. Can control more than one device and don't need any neutral wires during installation.
  • Dimmer Switches. Help adjust the light level, save energy and extend bulb life.
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