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The Westside Wholesale offers a wide array of motion sensors, produced by the well-known brand Lutron, which is of the great value all across the globe, and especially in the North America. The company was established in 1961 by Joel Spira and Ruth Spira, and nowadays is based in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. Now Lutron offers over 15.000 products, including the wireless lighting control systems and motion sensors of the widest reliability and durability. This brand is worth trusting.

What Motion Sensors Are Designed For? The motion sensors are designed and manufactured for security purposes. They are very good for home and commercial use, as the majority of the items are of the best technical details, which allow feeling safe from burglars or just getting everything under control. The thing is the motion sensors can detect the moving objects in wide radiuses, no matter if people, animals, or cars. Motion detectors are good for big museums, commercial offices, trade centers, where security issues are much required.

Some Technical Details. Lutron motion sensors are always of the best quality, for they are of the best technical details in this market, such as:

  • Some of the motion detectors, presented by the Westside Wholesale, are wall switches and ceiling occupancy sensors.
  • Different electric power, electric current, and voltage rates. For example, Lutron MS-OPS2-WH is of 250W, and there are the items of 2A and 5A presented in this product line by the Westside Wholesale.
  • Single- and multi-location items.
  • The variety of colors. Although the majority of the items are of the white color, there are also some motion sensors, designed in black and light almond colors.
  • The variety of shapes. The motion sensors for wall occupancy are mostly designed in rectangular shapes, and some other items are created in the rounded shape.
  • Wireless, ultrasonic, infrared items.

Why Buy Lutron Items at the Westside Wholesale? The Westside Wholesale offers a great variety of the best Lutron motion sensors at the most affordable prices, ranged from just 20$. In fact, for some items the option of free shipping is predetermined.

All the Lutron items on sale are of the best quality, as the Westside Wholesale cares much about the quality of each motion detector. There is no chance to buy a fake brand item here, as every product is certified and tested before putting on sale.

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