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Lutron made its name in early 1960s with innovative developing and engineering. Throughout years, Lutron products were highly valued pieces of industry and today Westside Wholesale offers its customers a wide variety of outstanding Lutron solutions in light control. Our customers can be sure that their houses will be much more comfortable and efficient with Lutron wireless light control systems from our store.

Many products are parts of the Maestro Wireless technology patented by Lutron. It is a complex light control system, functional, practical and easy to install and use. The system is based on using different devices like Pico Wireless control and Radio Powr Savr sensors to provide users with great versatility and flexibility. Wireless light control units mount walls and compatible sockets and allow homeowners to control lighting levels in any room in the house with touching one button of the interface. Devices are as practical as they are compact and imperceptible.

Lutron RadioRa series are the best devices for residential houses. Stylish and simple design with textured finish of plastic fits in any interior without any problems. Whether a homeowner needs a multifunctional light control system for the bedroom or a businessman wants to set up a control panel on the table in the cabinet, Lutron RadioRa units will serve their purposes well. Wireless devices are equipped with standard fixtures and can be installed in already existing light control system. Different tuning options allows users to set lighting schedule and adjust lighting levels and energy saving.

Lutron RA-IR is a reliable and safe choice. This device works in infrared diapason and operates even in an area with strong radio interference. Lutron RA-HT-IR-WH is a complex solution for home theatres and allows homeowners to create a proper environment for listening to music and watching movies. Lutron RA-RC-3 is a brand new solution, which is created to let homeowners control lighting in their houses from a distance. It uses a telephone interface. We in Westside Wholesale believe that our clients will change their houses in a good way with Lutron wireless light control systems.

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