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LUX TG has designed technologically advanced, energy-efficient lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications appropriate for a wide-range of residential, commercial, and public locations. The company, branded as LUX LED, offers a complete product line of bulbs at the cutting edge of modern LED technology. Here at Westside Wholesale, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of LUX LED, which carries LED light bulbs and other led lighting products. We have full confidence that the LUX LED brand offers many replacement light bulbs to be of convenience for you in your home and office.

After all, LUX LED makes switching to eco-friendly LED lighting incredibly simple. All LUX LED bulbs fit in existing standard lighting fixtures, allowing for a fast replacement process with compatible bulb bases or housing fixtures. Once installed, an LED light bulb creates safer, longer-lasting, and more durable lighting when compared with its incandescent counterparts. This is in addition to energy savings of up to 75%. Plus, LUX LED products come with a 5-year warranty on the majority of their lighting products, ensuring that customers get their money's worth on all purchases.

Many qualities truly distinguish LUX LED light bulbs from the competition. The brand's filament led bulbs are designed with integrated driver-free electronics and a patented remote phosphor technology in their lenses. LUX LED's light bulbs offer a uniform light quality that helps provide an incandescent appearance, which is especially valued in replacement bulb situations. The majority of LUX LED lights are also dimmable. Furthermore, LUX LED bulbs meet or exceed current lighting standards for safety and energy efficiency.

Westside Wholesale has full confidence that you'll be able to find a bulb from our LUX LED lighting selection to improve your home or office. We stock many convenient options, from downlights and pin-base bulbs to the most commonly used bulbs like candelabra and much more. Search our inventory to find the product you need. We've made it easy to filter the Westside Wholesale inventory by bulb type, base, color temperature, and much more to quickly discover the LED lighting you need. Contact a Westside Wholesale team member if you have any questions or need help finding the right product for you.