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About LUX LED LED Light Bulbs

LUX TG LED light bulbs are from a brand committed to creating eco-friendly solutions for the most common lighting needs. When compared to standard halogen and incandescent bulbs, these LED lights have much longer lifetimes and operate at a fraction of the cost, contributing to significant energy savings. Plus, LUX TG bulbs come in a wide range of types to fit most practical applications, with many bulbs suitable for use in open luminaires and fixtures.

LUX TG bulbs are designed to be comparable with other leading brands in the field, including contemporaries like Philips, GE, TCP, and Feit Electric. In fact, a LUX TG LED bulb has similar or even more life expectancy than bulbs with similar wattage and output. This is partially due to these LED bulbs having no driver, no heat sink, and an increase in warranted burn time hours.

When shopping for a LUX TG LED bulb, it's important to make sure you're picking one that's compatible with your fixture. Bulb base and bulb shape need to be considered. Base refers to the connective part of the bulb; this can be screw in or bi-pin. More specifically, the base will refer to the size of the screw or pin, with E26 (Edison) and E12 (Candelabra) light bulbs being the most common screw types and GU5.3 being a standard bi-pin size. Shape refers to the top of the bulb. The LUX TG bulb's shape will usually decide what fixtures it fits in or, more often, contribute to brightness or beam angle.

Color temperature and lumen output are also important when purchasing a LUX TG bulb. This will determine the illumination and mood in a room. Lumen output refers to the brightness of the bulb, whereas color temperature refers to the type of light projecting. A lower color temperature tends to be warmer and somewhere on the orange spectrum and it gets clearer and crisper the higher it goes. Be sure to keep all of these factors, as well as features like dimmability, in mind when choosing your LUX TG LED light bulb.

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