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About Malibu Lighting Landscape Lighting

Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of choices of a famous brand Malibu. Many positive feedbacks about it from the customers and its trustworthiness, has made it clear to present more and more items, related to the landscape lighting. They are a good choice for a garden near the house, as these lightings will create a cozy romantic atmosphere and will gift the outstanding emotions, especially in the dark night, when paths in the gardens turn to mysterious.

Malibu Path Lights

Westside Wholesale is ready to present the best choice, including well-designed low voltage path lights in the Chinese style. Some items are created in the Chinese, and others are made in the European style. The color solutions for the path lightings are mostly black, and this strictness makes them standing in the harmony with the outside nature. Path lightings by Malibu, which are on sale at the Westside Wholesales, are of 11W, 10W, 7W. This low voltage is the best solution for contemporary or traditional garden paths.

Directional Malibu Lightings

Directional lightings are suitable, if an owner of a garden would like to focus lights on some specific zone of it. The items of this category are various: Malibu Lighting CL9 is a 20W cast metal directional lighting in black color, Malibu Lighting CS180C is the 11W low voltage directional light in mixed pink and yellow colors, Malibu Lighting CL0822 is the item of 50W in black matte color, Malibu Lighting CS508S is of 35W item in sand color, Malibu Lighting CL507 is the directional light item of 20W in black matte color. For those who save, there is a directional lights kit, for just 156$.

Other Shapes

For those who love something feeling like exotic in style, there are Malibu Lighting designs in the shapes of rounds, tulips, submersible flood lights, and electrical transformers, which will be a great choice for various purposes. All these items are of the low voltage, so it makes them a very useful solution for those who got used to save electricity and money.

Why Buy Malibu Lighting at the Westside Wholesale

Westside Wholesale is the unique market, where it is possible to buy brand landscape and other types of lighting, delivered through the shop directly from brands. Luckily, it is not possible to buy fake brand things, as Westside Wholesale takes care much about the quality of every item delivered. 100% guarantee of quality and purchase satisfaction is not all in the list the customers cherish Westside Wholesale for.

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