Malibu Lighting - Outdoor Lighting & Landscape Lighting

Malibu Lighting - Outdoor Lighting & Landscape Lighting

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An industry leader in landscape lighting, Malibu Lighting creates innovative lighting products that are easy to install. Whether battery powered, hard wired, or solar powered, these Malibu landscape lighting products offer long-lasting lighting solutions. Plus, effective landscape lighting can make a space much more beautiful, easier to navigate, and safer.

On the cutting-edge of landscape lighting, Malibu landscape lighting offers many sustainable lighting solutions including low-voltage systems that provide ample light for outdoor living spaces while saving money on energy bills. Malibu Lighting has also been a leader in creating outdoor LED lights. LED lighting saves money on energy and bulb-replacement costs and typically have a lifespan that eclipses traditional incandescent bulbs.

Malibu Lighting Authorized Dealer

Westside Wholesale is proud to be an officially licensed distributor of Malibu Lighting products. We offer competitive pricing on our Malibu LED lights, including bulk discounts and free shipping when minimum orders are met. This can mean big savings, especially for our customers looking to completely redecorate their outdoor spaces with Malibu landscape lighting.

Westside Wholesale stocks a wide range of Malibu lighting products including path lights, directional lights, floodlights, step lights, bollard lights, transformers, accessories, and more. We also have accessories, including Malibu electrical transformers for various applications.

Our inventory can be filtered by color, power source, bulb type, wattage, voltage, and more. This can help you track down the compatible Malibu path, step, or other outdoor light you need. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Malibu Lighting or its products.