Moen Kitchen Sinks

About Moen Kitchen Sinks

The Westside Wholesale offers a wide choice of kitchen sinks by Moen. We are trying our best to provide our customers with the best offers. Sinks of this brand are durable, heat and cold resistant, looking stylish and luxurious. All these features are distinctive for this brand, as Moen always cares about the highest quality of their products. These kitchen sinks will be ideal for all the homeowners who are planning to remodel or renovate their kitchens to make them looking superior and convenient. Endless configuration options of this kind of house kitchen accessories makes Moen kitchen sinks the well-thought choice for every kitchen. Manufactured in the variety of sizes, with double or single bowl made of nickel-bearing stainless steel, these sinks will suit well for different kitchens, modern or classic. In addition, they are water and corrosion resistant, and this fact allows using different cleaning supplies. We provide 10-15 years of warranty from manufacturer is one more advantages to buy Moen kitchen sinks for home use.


  • 18 gauge, 20 gauge type 301 nickel-bearing stainless steel;
  • Fully undercoated with a sound insulating material;
  • Exposed surfaces are polished to a lustrous satin tone finish;
  • Includes cut-out template and mounting bracket.


  • Models: Lancelot; Commercial; Camelot; Excalibur;
  • Finish: Satin;
  • Size: 29" x 16"; 15" x 15"; 33" x 22"; 25" x 18"; 14" x 16"; 32" x 18"; 33" x 22"; 9" x 12";
  • Bowl: single; double;
  • Different bowl sizes;
  • Third party certified;
  • Mount: U channel;
  • Different Mounting Hole sizes.

Moen kitchen sinks are the best offer by the Westside Wholesale, as we take care about every customer’s needs, trying to choose products that meet the highest standards of quality. Manufactured of the stainless steel, Moen sinks will more likely to serve for many years. Furthermore, the price of these products at just 59-700$ sounds more than affordable. It’s just amazing and unbelievable, it is the best offer in its kind! In fact, the option of free shipping is available this makes this Westside Wholesale’s offer even more attractive. The chance to get an item in just 2-3 days is impressive. Earn bonuses and buy more household related items at our online store at the most affordable prices!

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