MR16 LED Bulbs

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About MR16 LED Bulbs

MR16 LED bulbs bring energy efficiency to the most popular bulb used in landscape and retail lighting fixtures. The traditional MR16 bulb uses a halogen light. Now, modern technology has created MR16 bulbs that use LED technology, which operates at a fraction of the cost as halogen bulbs. Plus, they don't create unnecessary energy waste in the form of heat output, which helps extend the life of LED bulbs.

Here at Westside Wholesale, we offer MR16 LED bulbs for landscape lighting, track and recessed lighting, pendant and retail lighting, and many other applications. Keep this in mind when shopping. For outdoor lights, the bulb will most likely need to be damp or wet location listed. Similarly, display lights might require an MR16 LED dimmable bulb in order to be adjusted at all hours of the day.

When shopping for your specific use, make sure to pick out the correct bulb base. MR16 bulbs almost always use a bi-pin base. However, there are different types of bi-pin, including the standard GU5.3 base, the smaller GU4, and GU10 LED bulbs.

More often than not, MR16 bulbs will operate at low-voltage, though some work with line voltage systems. We stock a large selection of MR16 LED bulbs, 12V and 120V alike, to offer you the largest selection possible. Westside Wholesale also offers MR11 bulbs in this same category. LED MR11 bulbs have smaller bulb widths than MR16 lights.

The other features of MR16 bulbs will have to do with the light emitted. Its lumen output and color temperature will determine the light bulb's brightness and level of whiteness, respectively. The higher its CRI (color rendering index), the more it reveals colors similar to natural daylight. Beam angle creates a narrow, wide, spot, or flood light. These should all be considered when deciding the exact MR16 bulb for your home, landscape, or business.

Contact Westside Wholesale if you have any questions about these LED bulbs or would like to place an order. We carry top brands known for their reliability which now feature incredible LED performance.

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