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The ductless mini systems are the latest craze nowadays. Comparing to the traditional split systems it has a lot of advantages. The first one is that it is cost effective and easy to install. Secondly, these mini splits are ideal for renovation work. It is great that no ductwork needed for the installation. It means that there is no need to change the whole system and install new ducts so the installation is quickly and easily. Instead of the huge duct system only a small 2-3 inch hole should be made in the wall. It even can be used in connection with the existing split system. The efficiency is as high as the traditional split systems and even better - up to 26 SEER. The industry standard for this kind of appliances is 13 SEER. Ductless mini splits are soundless, and they will not bother someone at night. The design is attractive and up-to-date. It looks like a part of the interior in high-tech apartments. The operation is simple as all the models have a remote control to maintain the proper level of comfort in the house.

Ductless mini systems are available in several different styles depending on the application for consumers. Wall-mounted models are very popular, then go ceiling-mounted units, ceiling cassettes, floor-mounted units and models that are to be mounted above the ceiling.

Multi-zone units are more convenient that single zones. If the house is bigger then one room, multi-zone system is needed. It is great for 2-8 rooms. There is no need to buy the same units for each room. There may be a floor-mounted model in bedroom and a ceiling cassette in a living room, for example. Multi-zone system gives the opportunity to choose which room should get the most or the least benefit. Now, the level of comfort can be different if needed (in the nursery and in the living room, for example).

Westside Wholesale offers multi-zone ductless mini split system from the LG. This manufacturer needs no presentation. It is a leader of many markets and produces reliable and durable systems. The variety of appliances is wide so there is something for everyone, and now you can get some models with a big discount at the lowest price at Westside Wholesale online store.

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