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About Multimeters

Westside Wholesale presents numerous variations of multemeters widely used nowadays for many purposes in every household and production.

Multimeters are special electronic instruments specially produced for performing measurements with several functions, combined in one unit. It is really indispensable in any household and can help to measure resistance, direct-current and alternative voltages.

The many types of multimeters we offer at Westside Wholesale are special-purpose and were developed to meet the special needs of different specialists such as mechanics and telephone engineers.

The importance of measurements made by these devices result in high standards applied to their quality. All of us at Westside Wholesale work hard to choose the best variations to offer to our clients which is why we present different models of multimeters produced by world wide famous manufacturers such as Fluke, Greenlee, Amprobe, Hioki. We also present accessories for the various needs of our clients.

The variations of multimeters we have on sale at Westside Wholesale are really great and accurate handheld digital devices, providing easy and quick testing. By buying these products at Westside Wholesale our clients can rest assured knowing that we made the best choice for them and that there is nothing more reliable and of high-quality than the multimeters we offer. We also provide the best prices to our customers, worrying about their desire to buy quality product at a reasonable price. Our prices are really affordable and it is easy to check.

The array of products we present at Westside Wholesale include the following devices: multimeters for industrial and basic applications, non-contact voltage and temperature detectors, professional kits with several tools in them, low resistance testers and others.

The equipment can be used for reliable and accurate measuring of different electrical quantities like current, voltage, frequency, resistance, signal power. Multimeters can be also used to detect existing electrical or electronic problems. Some advanced units may come equipped with different additional features and testing modes, depending on the model.

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