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About Nutone Bathroom Fans

Steamy mirrors, moist walls and clouded windows are signs your bathroom may be growing mold, mildew, ruined insulation or wood rot. However, with a Nutone Bathroom Fan, you can remove leftover moisture to help keep your home dry and comfortable, while avoiding mold and mildew buildup. Don't let humidity problems affect the health and air-quality of your home. With ventilation solutions from NuTone Bathroom Fans, you can clear the air quickly and powerfully by eliminating humidity buildup before it becomes a problem.

>p>Since 1926, NuTone has been the innovator and standard in the ventilation industry. Today, they are engineering and testing the next generation of ventilation solutions to keep your home and family comfortable. In 2009, they won multiple awards for innovations in bath ventilation fans, including the Home Builder Executive (HBE) Innovation awards and the Home Improvement Executive (HIE) Innovation award. In the same year, they were also awarded with the Remodeler's Choice 100 products and the Platinum ADEX award, sponsored by Qualified Remodeler. Also, NuTone is certified by the Home Ventilation Institute (HVI), an independent organization that certifies the airflow and sound performance claims to ensure the product will perform as claimed.

Before buying a bathroom fan, most consumers concern themselves with questions of quality, affordability, variety, and noise. NuTone's products demonstrate quality through superior performance, and the true measure of performance is a clear bathroom mirror after any lengthy shower experience. Affordability is demonstrated with a complete line of Energy Star qualified ventilation fans, which can saves the consumer both money and energy. Its products use high efficiency motors and lighting to lower energy use by as much as 65%, without having to give up any performance. Variety is provided via a broad selection of home ventilation products, like the Heavy Duty Ventilation fans have a permanently lubricated motor and an enclosed design for continuous operation. All of NuTone's products are built to reduce noise, especially the Ultra Silent line which features nearly silent fan operation for a quiet fan experience in your bathroom.

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