Nutone Ventilation Install Supplies

About Nutone Ventilation Install Supplies

Westside Wholesale presents a line of Nutone ventilation install supplies that comprises light switches featuring modern characteristics.

Nutone is a worldwide famous American company developing and manufacturing products mainly for residential use to meet the growing requirements of its consumers with hi tech innovative solutions.

The light switches we stock in our online store are presented in white and ivory finish colors to suit various indoor designs and to look naturally without breaking the whole look. Possessing only 3 switches the 4-function control gives possibility to control the operation of 4 different separate devices while it takes spade just for one switch. Our customers can not care about numerous wholes cut in the house walls if they need to add new devices. The switch connection is easy and quick for everybody even for those who is not acknowledged with wiring at all. These features make the switch extremely for a great deal of house owners.

The switch provides three settings (on/off/auto) for a fan sensor and was specially created to be used with broan sensAire series ventilator. All necessary technical characteristics of the light switch are given in the specifications section at Westside Wholesale.

The light switch by Nutone is backed up by one year warranty from the manufacturer to provide long life secure service of the supply. We offer the lowest prices possible on this product line of Nutone supplies and require no shipping costs for delivery.

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