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Osram 42870
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Osram 42870
Osram Light Bulb, 50W 12V MR16 GU5.3 Halogen Wide Flood
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Osram is one of the leading manufacturers in today's lighting industry and has over a century of experience in the industry. Osram products are used for plenty of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings like offices, supermarkets, hospitals, etc. Osram lighting engineers have also developed products used for automotive applications, animal care, sports facilities, and more. It’s a German company that is committed to creating lighting solutions for many people. Osram focuses on producing only high-quality products which bring comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Osram light bulbs. These replacement bulbs provide a durable, effective performance at an amazing price point. Also, the Westside Wholesale selection of Osram light bulbs are often great for hard to find replacement use. We sort our light bulbs by bulb type, base, and shape so you can find the exact bulb you need. Westside Wholesale's Osram bulb selection is also filterable by voltage and wattage to ensure compatibility with your electrical layout.

Osram lighting products include different types of light bulbs. Halogen lamps from Osram provide warm, high-quality light. These light bulbs are commonly used in both residential and commercial applications. Osram halogen lamps are modern and help create spotlight style light, among other uses. Plus, they're designed to provide a long service life as well as consistent light output.

Westside Wholesale offers excellent selection of Osram lighting products at reasonable prices. We offer cost effective, fast shipping options for those who need anything from one bulb to stocking up on many Osram lighting products. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, feel free to contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team.