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Westside Wholesale aims to offer its customers the best products from known brands at affordable prices. A product line of outdoor lighting fixtures from the Cooper Lighting brand available on Westside Wholesale brings you a wide selection of high quality devices to meet lighting demands of both homeowners and businesses. Cooper Lighting manufactures lighting products given the latest trends in the industry, which has changed a lot over the recent years. The company founded in 1956 uses only proven technologies to bring the customer a wide range of innovative solutions available to everyone.

To narrow your search, Westside Wholesale has categorized the product line fixtures in accordance with their specifications. There is an option to choose between two colors available: white and bronze. In addition, the fixtures can be browsed given the bulb type used: quartz halogen and metal halide. The voltage supported is 120V. There are also multi-voltage items available in the category.

Cooper outdoor lighting fixtures offered for sale by Westside Wholesale will become a perfect solution for the lightening of sidewalks, building perimeters, parking areas, entrances, etc. The items are made of high-quality materials to ensure longer life service, excellent level of safety and outstanding characteristics. Cooper outdoor lighting devices have protective housing to guarantee trouble-free operation even when the weather conditions are adverse. Furthermore, the thoughtful design of Cooper fixtures available on Westside Wholesale makes it possible to easily blend them with the exterior of any house or factory building.

Westside Wholesale offers only high quality products from known manufacturers at the most attractive prices. Cooper outdoor lighting solutions has been developed to satisfy the needs of worldwide commercial, industrial, residential and utility markets. The company’s years of experience in lighting equipment manufacturing guarantees fulfilment of the customer’s highest demands on quality, design, reliability and safety.

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