Panasonic Exhaust System

Panasonic FV-04VE1
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Panasonic FV-04VE1
Panasonic WhisperComfort Energy Recovery Ventilator for 4" Duct
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About Panasonic Exhaust System

Westside Wholesale online store offers to purchase energy saving ventilators by Panasonic. The brand name is well known worldwide and the company has one of the leading places on the world market of electronic products. The quality of this manufacturer is also well known globally.

We are really happy to offer to our consumers a reliable and durable energy recovery ceiling ventilator by developed and manufacture by Panasonic. The product is an undoubted pinnacle of innovative ventilation technology and must be the most comprehensive ventilation system on the market. It provides an outstanding airflow for any home. For the convenience of the users it was designed completely automated and environmentally responsible as well.

The device features 2 ducts (4 inches each) that facilitate air through the system. The first duct pulls in the air from outside, filters it for removing harmful elements and produces clean completely breathable air. The second duct is meant to circulate old air through the ventilator an deposit it back outside.

The energy saving ventilator by Panasonic we stock at Westside Wholesale will help to achieve an optimal balance in house airflow. This high quality reliable device was built to last really long and save finances on electric bills with the help of its energy saving design.

The energy saving ventilator are sold with 3 year warranty provided by Panasonic manufacturer. Westside Wholesale offers to buy this decent ventilation device at low price and without any ships cost.

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