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Panasonic Power Tools EYC941B
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Panasonic Power Tools EYC941B
Panasonic Power Tools Cordless Power Supply Kit w/14.4V 4.2Ah Li-ion Type S Battery Packs & Charger
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Panasonic power tools provide an effective, cordless solution to the most demanding professional jobs and do-it-yourself tasks. With a wide range of drills, drivers, saws, flashlights, and more, Westside Wholesale is proud to offer some of the finest cordless power tools on the market. Plus, we stock a comprehensive selection of Panasonic drill bits and accessories so that you can get the most out of your power tools.

Cordless tools from Panasonic are designed with the customer’s best experience in mind. They’re ergonomically designed to alleviate tension caused from long use of hand-held tools. In drilling and driving tools especially, this design also promotes having a neutral wrist which is safer and allows for making small, necessary adjustments when on the job.

Most Panasonic power tool models also feature an electric brake mechanism, as well. The electric brake stops the tool immediately when the trigger is released. This creates more precision on the job, preventing over drilling and other issues that might arise when the tool doesn’t immediately stop. Panasonic has also created a Tough IP line of cordless power tools that are especially effective in the most demanding scenarios. They feature a Tough IP56 certification, which means they are rated for use in extremely dusty work environments and have been tested to hold up against powerful water jets.

Panasonic offers many of its power tools in convenient kits and separately. This allows customers to build the exact collection of power tools that they need. Most combo kits, for example, come standard with one or two tool bodies, two batteries, and compatible chargers. These are great ways to set a foundation for a thorough, effective tool kit. Most Panasonic power tools are especially effective for people working in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and general construction fields.

Then, additional Panasonic power tools can be purchased that match the batteries in your kit. Simply go to the Panasonic power tools page and sort by voltage type to see all compatible tools with the battery packs you’ve got already. One great thing about this brand is that different tools use the same battery pack. For example, Panasonic’s 14.4V batteries can power a metal cutter, multi-impact tool, angle grinder, hammer drill, driver, and more.

In fact, many of Panasonic’s newer power tools have dual-voltage capability. This innovative technology allows the tool body to work with compatible batteries of different voltages. With the more powerful battery, it will often provide longer use and a more powerful performance. The lower voltage battery allows for a lighter and more flexible use of the Panasonic power tool, which is helpful in smaller spaces. Plus, it’s just more convenient to use a power tool with the batteries you might already have handy, saving you from another purchase. For serious handymen, however, it’s a nice option to be able to switch up the performance of their drivers and drills depending on the task at hand.

Panasonic battery packs and additional cordless battery chargers are also sold separately in the Westside Wholesale store. Every handyman and professional has their own preferences for how many charged batteries to keep on hand. We simply provide as many options as possible so you can have your ideal set up ready to go. Furthermore, it’s never a bad idea to keep an extra battery pack or two on hand in case one is lost or broken. The battery packs themselves come in Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium), Ni-MH (nickel metal hydride), and Li-ion (lithium ion).

So, browse the collection of Panasonic power tools here at Westside Wholesale to find the tools you need. We have confidence in the Panasonic brand and we’re sure that you’ll find something for your home or professional toolkit that will last you for years. Their products are built to last in the toughest situations. Plus, Panasonic pays special attention to the life and quality of their batteries and their compatibility across tool bodies. Filter by kits to get started on a tool set or simply look through the individual power tools to find the product you need. Contact Westside Wholesale if you need additional help finding the Panasonic tool you’re looking for.