Panasonic Bathroom Fans, Vent Fans, & Inline Exhaust Fans

Panasonic Bathroom Fans, Vent Fans, & Inline Exhaust Fans

Panasonic Products

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Panasonic ventilation fans are some of the most energy efficient and technologically advanced products on the market. The brand has decades of experience innovating residential and commercial vent fans and accessories and prides itself on its worldwide environmental commitment. The Panasonic Corporation has been an ENERGY STAR partner of the year many times and its forward-thinking DC motors have one of the highest CFM per wattage ratings in the industry.

Westside Wholesale is proud to carry a wide range of elite Panasonic ventilation systems and inline exhaust fan devices. With a wide-selection of Panasonic bathroom fans, bath heaters, lighting accessories, and bulbs, the Westside Wholesale online store has a reliable, efficient ventilating solution for your home or office bathroom needs.

The selection of Panasonic bathroom fans here at Westside Wholesale come from the brand's many popular collections. Our Panasonic fans are also grouped by how quietly they operate, which is determined by their sone output. Home bathrooms, for example, will often benefit from a super quiet bath fan, whereas commercial and office spaces often only require a quiet bath fan. These come from various product lines, which include:

  • WhisperLite, designed for super quiet applications and an easy installation.
  • EcoVent, a cost-effective line tailored for home builder use.
  • WhisperGreen, which use the top-of-the-line Panasonic DC motor and are intended to provide a very energy-efficient performance. The WhisperGreen Select line is a deluxe version of this line and the WhisperGreen LED line is very similar except it includes a low wattage LED light.
  • WhisperFit, featuring a low-profile design perfect for renovation and retrofit installations. The WhisperFit-Lite is the same except featuring a bathroom light, while the WhisperFit-Warm offers heating functionality.
  • And more! Other collections include wall and vent-installed models. Some other Panasonic lines feature motion and humidity sensors, such as the WhisperWelcome and WhisperSense lines. Panasonic also has designed product models to maximize cost effectiveness for professional contractors. These options and more are available here at Westside Wholesale.

Furthermore, we offer many ventilation install supplies and accessories to help improve your experience with your Panasonic bath fan. The Westside Wholesale inventory includes timer and light switches designed specifically for use with Panasonic bathroom ventilation products. Plus, we offer helpful replacement and installation accessories to ensure a very long lifetime of use. If you have any questions about Panasonic ventilation products or would like to place an order, please contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team now.