Panasonic WhisperWarm Ventilation Heater Fan

Add room-warming comfort to chilly mornings. Panasonic's WhisperWarmâ„¢ Bathroom ventilation Fan heats up in one minute to bring quick comfort to a chilly bathroom. It does a great job if you live in an older home and there's no heat at all in the bathrooms. Whether you run an assisted living facility and want to provide extra comfort to your residents or you're a residential remodeler looking to squeeze extra value into a bathroom, we have the solution. WhisperWarmâ„¢ slips comfortably into 2x8 construction, which makes it an ideal choice for bathroom remodeling and renovations. The WhisperWarm bathroom heater fan features a Durable 1400W stainless steel sheathed heating element that includes Nichrome wire with magnesium oxide for optimal heat transfer, and electrical insulation at elevated temperatures. WhisperWarm includes thermal fuse protection on the motor and 3-level safety device for the heater.