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About PAR LED Bulbs

PAR LED bulbs are modern, energy-efficient alternatives to halogen or CFL PAR lights. PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) bulbs are most commonly used in retail and business applications, as they offer concentrated, directional light perfect for display applications. When outdoor approved, PAR bulbs can also be used for exterior and landscape lighting for residential and commercial use.

The number following the PAR refers to the diameter of the lamp. More specifically, it means how many eights of an inch. A PAR38 bulb would have a nominal diameter of 4.75 inches, whereas a PAR 16 bulb would have a nominal diameter of 2 inches. A bigger bulb diameter will display more light. Here at Westside Wholesale, we offer many different PAR sizes, including PAR38, PAR30, PAR16, and PAR20 LED light bulbs.

When picking your PAR bulb, it's important to note the beam angle of your bulb. Beam angle refers to the width of the light projecting from the bulb and can span from narrow to extra wide flood beam. The beam angle you need will vary depending on your specific use.

Most PAR bulbs have the standard E26 base, which makes replacing your current bulbs very simple. Some PAR bulbs also feature a long neck base for use with certain fixtures. This most commonly means downlight applications.

LED technology makes our collection of PAR bulbs very energy efficient. They can significantly reduce energy consumption when many incandescent or CFL bulbs are used and will most likely pay for themselves over their long lifespan. LED bulbs typically have a wattage rating that refers to how much energy it uses up as well as an equivalent. The equivalent is the wattage of a comparable standard, non-LED bulb. Knowing this information can make shopping for a replacement bulb very easy.

Our LED PAR bulbs can be sorted by lumen output, dimmability, color temperature, and CRI. These all affect light output and performance of the light bulb. If you have any questions about which you need for your installation, feel free to contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team.

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