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About Pelican Flashlights

Pelican flashlights are known for the long lifespan of its products. These flashlights have a heavy duty construction and are considered unbreakable. Their lenses continue to provide a steady, focused beam of light for years to come.

Westside Wholesale stocks many different types of Pelican flashlights, including models from:

  • Personal Series: Compact designs made to fit in your pocket or purse, incorporating either a high powered Xenon bulb or L.E.D. chipset, and are encased in a variety of colors for your personal preference. These Pelican Flashlights are used for personal protection and the lighting of small to medium sized areas.
  • Medium Duty Series: Safety oriented style and design, used mainly for warning lights and indicator lights, such as flight deck warning lights. These Pelican flashlights are typically used on the job for daily long term use.
  • Tactical Series: Purpose related design and function. Styles come encased in thick, unbreakable bodies, with durable elements to withstand rugged use. Law enforcement and security is the main focus of this series of Pelican flashlights.
  • L.E.D. Series: Designed for long lasting use with high powered L.E.D. bulbs, compact, and require minimal power to operate. This series of Pelican lights includes head-lamps, and flex-neck lamps where heat may be a problem.
  • Recoil L.E.D. Series: The Recoil series utilizes voltage regulated L.E.D.’s that extend the life of the diode’s and peak brightness, creating a collimated beam of light that penetrates smoke and fog better than other Pelican L.E.D. flashlights.
  • Specialty Series: On the job models designed for specialty applications.
  • Heavy Duty Series: Larger, handled flashlights that penetrate the thickest fog and smoke conditions. Models are used by firefighters and other emergency officials, including construction, and demolition.
  • Nemo Dive Series: Submersible models designed for use underwater or in high humidity situations, and where pressure may be an issue. These flashlights have an o-ring seal and waterproof construction.
  • IR & NVG Series: Specialty flashlights incorporating Infrared and Night Vision Technology, with quality construction of Pelican Flashlights.

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