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An international leader in the design of advanced protective gear and professional-grade flashlights, Pelican Products, Inc. has earned a reputation for its rugged gear. Designed to hold up to heavy-duty use in the field, outdoors, or in all kinds of stressful situations, Pelican's cases and flashlights are built to last a lifetime.

Since 1976, Pelican has been designing luggage, cases, and flashlights that don't leak or fail when needed most. It has since expanded its product line to include reliable Pelican portable coolers and niche cases for guns and laptops. Most Pelican cases are backed by a lifetime warranty, which means you can be confident that their products will never break down in the heat of the moment.

Pelican protective cases are available in a range of sizes and shapes. This includes flat, trunk, cube, and long. Many cases come standard with foam, most often with pre-cut shapes or the brand's Pick N Pluck shock-absorbent foam. This Pelican foam, which uses pre-scored layers of foam shaped in tiny cubes, is an easy way to custom-shape the interior of your case for an all-purpose use. Pelican also makes cases earmarked for laptops, weapons, and smart phones, among other items.

Another leading Pelican product line is its flashlights, which are include rechargeable flashlights, flex-neck flashlights, head lamps, and many more. These Pelican flashlights are designed for many applications from shatter-proof lights for everyday use to waterproof lights for spelunking and caving. Certain Pelican tactical lights are also used by policemen and military professionals, who know they can rely on them in the line of duty.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Pelican cases and flashlights. It's a company that is constantly innovating and putting out products that are ahead of the curve. Contact a team member here at Westside Wholesale if you have any questions about a Pelican lantern, case, cooler, or other product.

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