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About Rothenberger PEX Tools

There is no doubt that PEX Tubing has become the best plumbing solution for homeowners and contractors due to its remarkable durability, flexibility and corrosion resistance. At Westside Wholesale one may find not only exceptionally wide selection of PEX Tubing but no less worthy PEX Tools. Having faced the problem of PEX tubing installation you will need to operate peripherals. Professional pipe shears manufactured by Rotenberger, the recognized leader in producing innovative pipe tools, take a special place among them. They are extremely easy to operate and meet the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability. The tubing maintenance will become simple and easy.

It is the bright design of Rothenberger ROCUT Professional Plastic Pipe Shears that immediately attracts attention. What is hidden behind this handy portable tool? It is intended for precise cutting of PVC, PP, PE, PEX, PB, and PVDF pipes up to 1-5/8"" diameter. The shears feature double-sided stainless blade and ratchet support for precise force transfer and precise guided cutter feed. Releasing lever provides an automatic, controlled opening of the blade at the push of a button. The lockable lever ensures absolutely safe transportation. Besides, the shears use rubber handle which guarantees secure grip.

With this smart mechanism you will be able to cut almost every pipe without deformation and extra effort. Test it with your own hands to make sure.

If you want to enjoy the end result of your work, perhaps you should pick the best. You may always rely on Westside Wholesale because only here you can the best available at the lowest prices. In addition to all this, you will discover the best terms for Westside Wholesale's customers, because your purchase will be delivered with no shipping costs.

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