Uponor Wirsbo PEX Tubing

Uponor Wirsbo D1220500
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Uponor Wirsbo D1220500
Uponor Wirsbo MLC Tubing 1,000 Ft Coil (PEX-a) - Radiant Heating & Cooling, 1/2"
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About Uponor Wirsbo PEX Tubing

Westside Wholesale offers a vast selection of PEX tubing for residential and commercial building applications. Westside Wholesale has provided for every subtlety, so you will enjoy the perfect quality without spending your money like water.

Uponor Wirsbo is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plumbing systems. Made from high-density polyethylene, PEX tubing is remarkable for its durability, flexibility and corrosion resistance.

The inner diameter of the tubes will not shrink due to corrosion or occlusion as in metal tubing. Besides, no building material affects the tubing. And so you will avoid costly repairs and replacements. The tubing does not add any smell or off-flavor to water. That is why you can use PEX Tubing in potable water applications.

PEX tubing is an outstanding solution for indoor and outdoor application. As PEX tubes are unparalleled in flexibility, you can easily build a supply line straight from the water source to your appliance. The tubing offered by Westside Wholesale is notable for easy installation. Fewer connections are needed to install the tubing. Relatively light weight will not bring you to waste extra energy.

PEX tubing can be used in hot and cold water distribution systems. Moreover, the majority of the products by Uponor Wirsbo feature extreme-temperature capability being suitable for radiant heating. Except from the usual white tubing Westside Wholesale offers blue and red-colored tubing to distinguish between hot and cold water.

For those who wish to protect the installation there is pre-sleeved version of tubing. The high-density polyethylene corrugated sleeve will make it possible to remove or replace the tube if needed.

Our store is able satisfy all plumbing requirements. The diameter of the tubes available at Westside Wholesale varies from 1/2 to 2 inches. Whether you need to fix some single detail or you are working on a scale project there are tubes from100 to 1000 feet in length.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the warranty period of the products as well. Westside Wholesale lets you carry out the most difficult jobs with no trouble at all.

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