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Philips BD-EL/DT 20
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Philips BD-EL/DT 20
Philips Light Bulb, 20W Standard Base Compact Fluorescent - Soft White
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About Philips Light Bulbs

Philips is a brand with a long history extending back over 120 years. Light bulbs’ producing was the first thing to be realized by this Dutch company. A large assortment of base sizes and shapes allows fitting in practically any fixture.

Types of Phillips Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs: A good substitute for incandescents. The specifics of the output is energy efficiency and fine quality. They save consumers’ cash and protect the ecosystem. These bulbs help the person to create a unique atmosphere by means of various colors and shades. Choosing LED lighting by Philips a customer is certain to reduce electric bills. Moreover, the bulb replacement becomes an infrequent operation. The company is developing LED lighting industry to produce goods of refined style and class making all the clients’ requirements. A wide range of LED items is offered: Standard, Reflector, Mini Reflector, Candle, Tube and Specialty (Capsule, Nightlight, Downlight). Philips has got L Prize from U.S. DOE for this product.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Certificated by ENERGY STAR (having the award of 2013 as Partner of a year). They are friendly to environment and conform to recent efficiency standards of DOE. EnergySaver bulbs supply high brightness in less than half a minute. Compact fluorescent lamps are cost-effective, having a long life. When buying these bulbs a customer may choose Standard, Candle, Spiral, Globe, Reflector or Specialty.

Halogen Light Bulbs: Providing bright pleasant light. The bulbs assist to save energy and money. Philips uses no mercury when manufacturing these items. They light up the room instantly after being switched on. All of them are dimmable, easy to use in decorative, recessed, work, security or other fixtures indoors and outdoors as well. The grade of light changes from 10% to full brightness. Halogen light illumination is ideal for indoor activities (reading, cross stitching, etc). It allows seeing true colors more clearly. The company produces a fine variety of halogen light bulbs: Capsule, Candle, Spot, and Linear.

Fluorescent Tubes: Lasting more than 7000 hours. They are environmentally responsible. This device helps to add a unique individuality to a room. There are cool and soft white, natural light and daylight variants. A customer can choose an appropriate product among Ubent, Circular and Linear tubes.

Products by Philips are certain to satisfy all consumers’ lighting desires.

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