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About Phoenix Manufacturing Evaporative Coolers

Phoenix Manufacturing Evaporative Coolers are available for rooftop, window and free-standing module installation. The Phoenix company’s appliances provide the maximum air intake for maximum cool air at minimum energy consumption. There is also an innovative technology application: a four ad down-discharge system that is one of the most efficient systems on the market today. Most of the models are equipped with a factory installed pump and float. There is a choice between powerful either one or two speed motor. The size of the models differs to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Phoenix Manufacturing Evaporative Coolers use the outside air resulting in lessen of the cost of equipment, installation and maintenance. It can lower the temperature up to 30 degrees and is available at an affordable price. The power consumption at the same time is significantly reduced if comparing to refrigerating air conditioners.

Phoenix manufactures five ranges of the evaporative coolers.

  • Frigiking Coolers include four and three-pad models to maximize the cooling effect and reduce the costs. These models also have a full closing damper to densely close the appliance and minimize the heat loss during the cold season.
  • Aerocool Trophy Series have a number of innovative techniques that increase the efficiency and lessen the maintenance. These units provide a worry-free operation at all times.
  • AeroCool Pro Series is a professional series include several unique technologies that have a US patent. Among them are the Pro 4x4 High Efficiency Media, the Pro-Clean System, the Pro-Armor, the Pro-Stat, the Pro-Shield and others.
  • Brisa Ducted Coolers are created for roof or wall installation and can be used for cooling different buildings from homes to greenhouses.
  • Brisa Window Coolers are easy to install and efficient providing the proper temperature for the apartments.

Westside Wholesale offers the full range of Phoenix Manufacturing Evaporative Coolers as well as pads and other replaceable parts for them for affordable and discounted prices.

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