Leviton PCOUT
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Leviton PCOUT
Leviton Outdoor Photocell
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About Photocells

It is really difficult to find your way around a back yard without tripping or falling when it’s dark outside. Outdoor lights are often turned off when night starts to fall, and unfortunately you have to wait for the timer to work or switch the lights on manually. Westside Wholesale is happy to offer photocells, tiny units that will ensure that your lights are automatically on when the sun goes down.

The photocells we have on sale include Intermatic units with different specifications and sizes. Such a wide selection guarantees that you will find a device that will suit your requirements.

The photocells that you’ll find in this section are easy to install and wire, they feature an automatic operation and are compatible with standard post lamps, security lights, chandeliers, wall lights and other lighting fixtures that you may have outside the house.

Installing such device will help you have the peace of mind and never worry about the outdoor lights again. The photocells that we offer come equipped with a delay action mechanism that prevents them from activating the lights because of lightning, car headlights and other false signals. This means that you don’t have to worry about your outdoor light being on during the daytime.

All of our products come from the most reliable brands and companies that have proven to be efficient. Ordering the items directly from the manufacturers helps us offer affordable prices and warranties. You can receive additional discounts, too, if you place a pallet or bundle order.

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