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About Plastic Electrical Box

For those who want to have their houses neat and attractive and for those who value quality products, Westside Wholesale presents a line of plastic electrical boxes. The line of plastic electrical boxes is presented at Westside wholesale by famous and reputable brands such as Crouse Hinds. The brand is world know as integrating the lines of electrical and instrumentation products using modern technologies and first-class raw materials.

The plastic electrical boxes we stock at Westside Wholesale allow quick and easy for everybody installment and removing if a client wants to eliminate switch or outlet inside. With the plastic electrical boxes we let our consumers to feel comfortable and to ease the process to make the house look neat and accurate.

The plastic electrical boxes are developed and manufactured from quality Polyvinyl Chloride Compound and feature a unique configuration. The outstanding configuration provides self-feeding special feature eliminating any need of reaching in and pulling out the wires. The plastic electrical boxes by Crouse Hinds we stock at Westside Wholesale require no tools and do not have any knockouts to remove.

The plastic electrical boxes can be used to provide outstanding mechanical protection for electrical devoices and wiring systems. They can be used as well for mounting such wiring devices as receptacles and switches. The use of the plastic electrical boxes makes the process of working easy and comfortable.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds nonmetallic switch and outlet boxes are used:

  • In branch circuit wiring as a splice point;
  • To mount wiring devices such as switches and receptacles;
  • To provide mechanical protection for wiring systems and electrical devices.

Available for use with wood or metal studs to meet any construction preference. The Westside Wholesale knows what clients value and what their needs are, and we always try to offer the best options possible to satisfy their demands. Our constant consumers know well that the prices we offer are the best and the lowest and that is really so.

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