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Westside Wholesale’s mission is to make high-quality products from known manufacturers available to everyone. To achieve this objective, it works with renowned suppliers only, providing top-quality goods at the most affordable prices. Thus, Westside Wholesale offers a line of valves from one of the industry’s known manufacturers-- Moen. The company has years of successful experience in developing first-class solutions for the plumbing industry. All valves produced under the Moen brand name feature reliability and extended service life to satisfy even the most demanding customers’ needs.

The line of Moen products available for sale on Westside Wholesale includes such original items as three-function built-in transfer valves with integral check stops to balance the pressure and control the temperature of water. Besides that, Westside Wholesale offers rough-in lavatory valves with drain assembly that are easy to install and set the standard for both beauty and reliability, as well as many other quality goods at the best prices. Made from durable materials, Moen plumbing products require no special maintenance after installation. They are resistant to harsh damages even after years of continuous use.

Westside Wholesale strives to make the search for necessary items easy and comfortable, offering the product line items in several price categories. There is even an option to navigate between two price categories: $0.00 - $100.00, and $200.00 - $300.00.

Every cost-conscious homeowner knows that keeping a house in good condition is not an easy task. Plumbing repairs require a lot of money and effort to invest, making it rather difficult to decide on a certain type of product to buy. Westside Wholesale believes that original Moen products will become a great solution to meet most homeowners’ needs and expectations, and aims to make them available to everyone. Moen high-quality valves are manufactured in accordance with the most advanced innovative technologies and offer a new way to experience the water.

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