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A swimming pool is a place to improve health conditions, and to lose weight. It is a great place for fun summer activities and relaxation, all while having family time with your friends and relatives. Westside Wholesale offers pool lighting that will help create a luxurious atmosphere and a comfortable home, at the same time. Pool lighting manufactured by Halco offers unique lighting for residential and commercial use. Halco has earned its customers trust due to the high quality products and serving clients all over the world for over 30 years.

Halco lighting is the perfect decoration and pool safety measure. After the installation of pool lighting, the pool can be used in the late evenings and nights. Improved visibility and an attractive pool lighting appearance will be greatly appreciated and is good option for investment.

During the installation of underwater lighting, one should be cautious with the choice of suitable bulbs to ensure safe and long-term operation. Halco Bulbs will be a good lighting solution due to their extended life span, and long lasting safe usability options.

The Halco R40 available at Westside Wholesale is a high powered 400 watt Incandescent light bulb with a maximum lumen output of 4150 Lumens. Halco R40 operates for over 2000 hours, and it emits a Color Temperature of 2700K. The 120V light bulb has a medium screw base for pool Reflectors, and will work in underwater pool light housings.

Applying the pool lighting you will achieve amazing designer effects. The place where the swimming pool is situated is special in its own way, but the lighting will make it even more unique.

You can fully trust Westside Wholesale. We have selected a full array of high quality and necessary pool accessories that are offered at wholesale and lowest price. We offer 24/7 customer service support for any questions you may have. Also, you will discover the best terms for free fast product delivery!

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