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Having a swimming pool in the comfort of your own backyard is a great option. Many homeowners are considering the option of swimming pool installation that will enhance the overall house value. It is the best place for summer fun! It is important to make the pool a safe and comfortable place to spend time with your friends and family members. Westside Wholesale offers pool lighting appliances that will help create the atmosphere of luxury and home comfort at the same time. Pool lighting manufactured by Intermatic offers unique lighting for residential, commercial use as well as specialty lighting applications. The company provides high-performance and reliable products that make pools a safe, clean and comfortable place to swim. Intermatic is the world’s leader in producing high-quality equipment for pools and spas. Intermatic has been providing quality, performance and reliability since 1891. That is why the company is considered a benchmark in the field of pool maintenance.

Westside Wholesale offers Intermatic Junction Boxes that support either two or four pool or spa lights. These polymeric, water tight, multi-fixture junction boxes are designed for pools, pool-spa combinations and landscape applications. It is multi-purpose, rugged and very easy to install. The Junction Boxes provide reliable connections for up to four high or low voltage lights. It will accommodate flexible cords and non-metallic conduits from ½ to 1 inch, including one for the supply conductor feed. You will need only two screws to attach the lid to base. The effective strain relief design provides for the electrical and mechanical integrity and general performance.

You can fully trust Westside Wholesale as we are able to deliver best products for pool water environment care. Only at our store will you will find rich variety selection of pool lighting solutions at the lowest prices. You will also have a chance to discover the best terms for customers, lowest prices and profound customer support service, and your purchase over $99 will be delivered quickly with no shipping costs!

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