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About Pool Pals Pool Maintenance

Since proper operation of any commercial and residential pool is obtained thanks to a clean and well maintained environment, having proper pool maintenance equipment is important. Westside Wholesale offers products by Pool Pals, including leaf rakes and nets, with or without handles, test kits for chlorine and pH levels, brushes of various sizes and designs, extendable telescopic poles and other useful pool accessories.

Pool Pals, along with Westside Wholesale, tends to provide its customers with affordable yet reliable pool cleaning solutions. That is why each maintenance device or equipment is durable, highly efficient and detail-oriented. Cleaning your pond, pool or spa area with Pool Pals products is much easier and faster that with any conventional pool accessories.

All Pool Pals items are connectible and interchangeable. Such features help you save both money and storing space when ordering pool maintenance equipment. For example, a single telescopic pole can be used with various brushes, leaf nets and rakes. Also, since each accessory is manufactured from highly resistant and durable materials, they will last for many years to come.

When ordering Pool Pals Pool Maintenance Accessories and other devices from Westside Wholesale, you receive affordable lowest prices and from 10% discounts on items bought in a bundle. Besides, no matter how small the item or device is, they are backed up by direct manufacturer’s warranty and are complemented with fast shipping.

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