Pool Style Pool Maintenance

About Pool Style Pool Maintenance

Every pool, no matter how big or small it is, requires proper maintenance. Since cleaning the pool, collecting leafs from its surface, making sure the filters operate properly and performing other similar tasks takes too much time and energy, Westside Wholesale offers high quality Pool Maintenance equipment that provides more efficient operation and helps you save your precious time.

Manufactured by Pool Style Company, pool maintenance items for sale include nylon and stainless steel brushes, leaf collectors with swivel wheels, pool thermometers and flexible vacuum heads. Such wide collection of pool maintenance equipment lets you select the perfect option for your pool, pond or spa applications.

Pool Style brushes feature innovative design that makes the process of removing debris, algae, dust and other types of dirt much easier. This is possible thanks to long lasting steel or aluminum hairs on the brush. Besides, each item offered in this section is connectible with Pool Style telescopic poles, which helps you save space while storing your equipment.

Both Pool Style and Westside Wholesale tend to provide its customers with durable, efficient and reliable pool cleaning solutions. That is why each brush, leaf collector or thermometer you see in this section has affordable prices, fast shipping and is backed up by manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to that, you get to benefit from additional discounts when ordering Pool Style Pool Maintenance Equipment in a bundle.

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