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About Jandy Pool Pumps

Whether you are an experienced swimming pool owner or a professional operator you certainly realize the importance of such pool system component as a pool pump. It is responsible for the continuous circulation of water and hence for its filtration, disinfection and heating. Thus this device has to perform its duty absolutely flawlessly. Westside Wholesale is ready to offer highest-quality pool pumps manufactured by Jandy, Zodiac to make your pool a safe and comfortable place to swim. With these pool pumps you will not have to spend up on expensive maintenance. Jandy has gained confidence and positive feedback from its customers due to high-class production. The pumps meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance. Pool maintenance will become easy and simple.

Westside Wholesale offers a range of pumps of superior hydraulic performance. The pumps feature unmatched efficiency as their ultra-efficient water movement reduces energy consumption.

Stealth pumps by Jandy notable for easy installation are the most efficient single- and two-speed pumps. Besides they have ergonomic handles and clear indicators. Water Features available in three sizes will suit those who are looking for waterfall appliances. The Quiet Technology significantly reduces noise. The pump takes little area due to ultra-compact construction.

Permanent magnet motor of Jandy ePump provides hydraulic power to all pool and spa equipment.

PlusHP are designed for higher performance of a pump in a more compact construction. PlusHP will fit for floor cleaning systems, spa-let boosters, solar energy heating systems and small equipment areas.

It is virtually a pleasure to have such reliable products around and to be sure in your perfect result. Westside Wholesale offers all necessary equipment for your swimming pool and spa at the lowest prices. In addition to this, your purchase will be delivered with no shipping costs.

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