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Pool Sanitation – A How To


With the right supplies and regular upkeep, maintaining the sanitation of your swimming pool is simple for any homeowner. To keep your pool in great shape year round, it’s important to have the proper materials, which include a filter system, chlorinators, chemical readers, and various tools like a net, brush, and vacuum.

Filter and Pump

A high-quality filter system is crucial to the clarity of your swimming pool. Filter systems come in a variety of different types and offer an assortment of accessories, allowing you to have crystal-clear water clarity for any pool.

Water Balance

To determine the water balance of your pool, you’ll need to use a pool pH test kit twice weekly, which indicates whether or not your pool has the correct water chemistry.


Once you’ve determined the correct water balance, you can then chlorinate your pool. Whether you’re using a traditional chemical chlorinator or a salt chlorine generator, be sure to keep the chlorine levels at around 1-4 ppm. These levels will help your pool fight against bacteria, germs, viruses, and algae. Using an algaecide on a regular basis will also thwart the growth of algae.

Skim and Sweep

In addition to maintaining proper water balance, you’ll need to incorporate a skim-and-sweep routine at least once per week to keep your pool in great condition. First, use a skimmer net to trap any debris that may be floating in your pool like insects, twigs, and leaves. Next, use a wall brush to remove any residual algae or grime on your pool’s walls. Lastly, sweeping the floor and walls with a pool vacuum will remove any remaining dirt.

Tips and Tricks

  • If the water in your pool is prone to quickly becoming cloudy, occasionally using a water clarifier will help restore your pool to its original clarity.
  • Be sure to clean your pool filter regularly, especially if your area is prone to storms often. A filter that is cleaned every few months allows it to run more efficiently.
  • Remember to shower before entering your pool. Any moisturizers or oils on your body can affect the pH level of the water.

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