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About Power Meters

Westside Wholesale represents a wide range of electrical test equipment including power meters that will suit any needs possible, becoming a perfect choice for those clients who value outstanding quality for reasonable price.

Westside Wholesale offers an array of devices combining high accuracy and modern technologies. The product line of power meters we offer to our clients at Westside wholesale is represented mainly by Hioki, a Japanese company that has 70 years of popularity and experience in manufacturing equipment and electrical devices.

By offering the line of power meters by Hioko we provide ideal solution to energy saving requirements. These high-tech devices were developed to solve all the energy consumption testing necessities. They provide accurate telecommunications and optical measurement.

At Westside Wholesale we are happy to provide our clients with the top products with extremely high accuracy, which is very important when it comes to devices of this type. By purchasing the power meters at Westside Wholesale, our clients get to experience accurate measurements and easy operation of the instruments.

Buying the power meters by Hioko our customers get reasonably priced, compact, lightweight device that will be used as a measuring component for a wide array of purposes from development and research to evaluation of equipment. Hioki offers power measurement from standby mode to normal usage.

At Westside Wholesale such models of power meters by Hioko are presented: Line Power Measurement, Optical Power Meter and Production Line Measurement of different types. With the help of these power meters, all of the values can be tested reliably and accurately in DC and AC measurement mode, with AC+DC mode possible if necessary. Some products like Optical power meter for example possess fully remote operation with the help of USB interface.

We at Westside Wholesale made a commitment to keep up with changing necessities of our customers. The proof of this is in various modern facilities and equipment with enhanced quality we offer to our clients.

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