LUX Thermostats TX9000TS

The LUX TX9000TS Touch Screen, Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat


After eight years on the market, the LUX TX9000TS Touch Screen, Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat continues to receive rave reviews. Its easy-to-use touch-screen interface, coupled with its intuitive settings for customizing your home’s heating and cooling schedule, make it one of the best programmable thermostats on the market today. In addition to its outstanding product features, it is also very easy to install. To replace your old thermostat, all you need is a screwdriver, a wire stripper, some wire cutters and a voltage tester.

When installing a new thermostat, you will need a drill and assorted bits for mounting, otherwise you can use the existing screws and follow these simple instructions to replace your old thermostat. Before purchasing the LUX TX9000TS Touch Screen Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat, make sure the model is compatible with your heating and cooling system.

Step 1: Remove the Old Thermostat

Turn the electricity to your heating and cooling system off at the electrical panel and keep the power off until installation is finished. Remove the cover to your existing thermostat to expose the wires and wall plate. Use a voltage tester to make sure the power is off. IMPORTANT: Before you disconnect the wires, write down the color of each wire and its corresponding terminal letter.

Use the adhesive wire letter labels included with your new LUX TX9000TS Touch Screen Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat, and affix the correct letter to its corresponding colored wire. Remove and slightly bend each wire so the wires don’t fall back into the wall. Do not allow bare wire ends to come into contact with each other. Unscrew the screws from the old thermostat and slowly remove it from the wall.

Step 2: Prepare the Wiring

Strip the wire insulation to 3/8 inch, and make sure to clean any corrosion. Stuff a piece of non-flammable insulation into the gap surrounding the wires to prevent drafts inside the wall from affecting the thermostat’s temperature.

Step 3: Attach the Wall Plate

Use the thumb latch at the bottom of your new LUX TX900TS thermostat to open and to separate the unit from its wall plate. Thread the wires through the back opening of the new thermostat’s wall plate. Line up the wall plate’s screw holes with the existing wall holes. Install the wall plate’s screws and mount the wall plate to the wall.

Step 4: Connect the Wires

Match each lettered wire to the same letter printed on the wall plate. If you are unsure of the lettering or need assistance, call Lux for technical support. Loosen the wire screws and insert the bare wire ends under the back top part of the clamp. Make sure the bare wire ends are pushed all the way in between the brass back and black top clamp, and hold each wire securely while you tighten each.

Step 5: Attach Thermostat to the Wall Plate

Install two Energizer or Duracell “AA” Alkaline batteries and attach your new LuxTX9000TS thermostat to the wall plate. Don’t use unnecessary force when connecting the unit to the wall plate. Hang the top part of the unit by the tabs on the wall plate and gently snap it into place. Turn the power to your heating and cooling system back on.

Using the Touch Screen to Program the LUX TX9000TS

Navigating using the LUX TX9000TS touch screen is simple if you remember a few simple navigation keys. The unit may be programmed while on the wall, or for your convenience you may remove the unit’s body from its base plate to make setting changes.

MENU: To begin, touch MENU to see the menu headings.

SCROLL: Use the SCROLL key to scroll through the available menu options.

YES: Press YES to enter a new menu or to accept any changes.

EXIT: Select EXIT to return to the main screen.

It’s important to select YES after making changes, as the unit will revert back to the pervious setting if one forgets to select YES. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions included with your LUX TX9000TS Touch Screen Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat for detailed information about how to set the day and time, to set temperature programs, and for advanced settings.

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