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The motto of the Westside Wholesale is “Buy Smart – Get Rewarded”. It means that after buying one or several items here, the customer gets the rewards of quality and a feeling of emotional raise, as all the products offered by this company are well-designed and are on sale at the most affordable prices. The products of the RAB brand cannot be excluded from this list, as this brand offers one of the best solutions for the landscape lighting.

What Is Offered?

Westside Wholesale offers a great variety of RAB products for the best landscape lighting. In the product line there are items with high, medium, or low voltage and different rates of electric power. For example, the Westside Wholesale offers the items of 120V, in different sizes (the majority are of 10 inches, but there are also the items of 6 inches).

The RAB landscape lighting items are available in different shapes, like “halogen flood light”, “pagoda path light”, “dome top path light”, “self-ballasted dome top path light”. Furthermore, these lightings are designed in the variety of colors, but the majority are in green-grey, grey and black. 3- and 4-tier pagodas and domes shapes are extremely impressive for different designs of the garden. Created in the high and low voltage, they are looking very interesting, when the sun goes down and the garden is full not only of the star- and moonlight, but with the artificial light of the highest quality. The items are equipped with the variety of lamps, the major of which are GX23-2, MR16, A19, etc. They are very good for use in a garden.

The Advantages of RAB Landscape Lighting

The majority of the landscape lightings in this product line are designed for a friendly atmosphere, which is easily reachable, due to the warm designs of the items. Strict and rounded lines underline the wiliness to receive guests and being in harmony with nature.

The Westside Wholesale is ready to offer the RAB landscape lighting at the most affordable prices, starting from just 25$. It is very good for the customers, who got used to save money or buy more items at the cheaper prices.

Friendly support service, good customer care and quality control department will help to get the products of the best quality, without being afraid of buying fake brands. All the goods are delivered directly to the Westside Wholesale from the brand companies. 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee are offered by us.

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