RAB Lighting LOS2500/120 2500W 120V 360 Degree Ceiling Motion Sensor - White

Brand: RAB Lighting
Model: LOS2500/120
Condition: New
SKU: 852124
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RAB Lighting LOS2500/120 Occupancy Sensors

  • RAB Lighting LOS2500/120 Occupancy Sensors
  • RAB Lighting LOS2500/120
  • RAB Lighting Occupancy Sensors LOS2500/120

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This LOS2500 offers reliable motion detection with a 360° detection field with 2000 Sq. Ft. coverage. The infrared sensor notices small temperature changes caused by the motion of people within the protected zone and turns on lights automatically. The sensors attractive casing offers a curved edges help this sensor blend well into your ceiling. A green LED lights when motion is detected giving visual confirmation that the detector is working correctly and aids in initial setup. The included opaque stickers allow you to blind certain areas from the sensor reducing false detections. The adjustable sensitivity allows you to fine tune the amount of motion requires to trigger your lights.Additional Information :

  • Super Ceiling Sensor has 3 Detectors for Triple Overlapping Coverage to Catch Small Movements
  • LED Testing and Operation Indicator
  • Integral 30 Amp Power Pack Simplifies Wiring
  • Controls 2500 Watts Incandescent or Fluorescent @ 120 Volts
  • Maximum 360° Coverage
  • Relay and Sensor All in One Unit Reduces Installation Costs
  • Sensor Detection Pattern can be Customized
  • Can be Wired in Parallel
  • Compatible with Dimmers and Electronic Ballasts
  • Color: White
  • Easy Installation: Relay and sensor all in one reduces installation cost. Compatible with dimmers and electronic ballasts. LED testing and operation indicator.
  • Maximum Reliability: Adjustable detector sensitivity for superior detection.
  • Maximum Versatility: Adjustable time delay. Sensor detection pattern can be customized. No minimum load requirement. Can be wired in parallel.
  • Coverage Area: 2152sf @ 9'
  • Incandescent Watts Switched: 2000 watts
  • Fluorescent Watts Switched: 2000 watts
  • Ratings Amps Horsepower: 5.4 amps 3.35 horsepower
  • Power Consumption: Negligible
  • Time Delay: 10 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Manual Switch: None
  • Adjustments: Photo Time Sensitivity
  • Detection: 360° view Super Ceiling Sensor
  • Patents: RAB sensor and fixture designs are protected under U.S. and International Intellectual Property laws.
  • UL Listing: For indoor applications
Customer Reviews

Nice Product but has bugs and deficiencies

I have installed of these units to control various lighting systems in the same building. Basically this is a nice unit. The built in relay lets you control large circuits. You can adjust the sensitivity of the unit, but the range of adjustment is rather narrow. In some cases I can't avoid having the lights come on when someone walks past but not into ther area being controlled. It would be nice if the range could be set as low as 10 feet away. Another, more serious problem, is that the controlled lights do not always turn off after the time delay. This is hard to notice at first. I observed that sometimes lights would stay on over night when there was no motion. The RAB folks said it was probably caused by heat but I'm skeptical. When the failure occurred several of the circuits stayed on. The only way to fix the problem was to power the circuit off. Since I had one switch that turned some basic light on in the area, and used the RABs to control other circuits, I finally had to operate the other circuits with relays which turned off with the single switch. This solved the problem for me. Since several of the units were falsely triggered at the same time, I suspect that some electrical glitch on the line throws them for a loop and when they are gone they stay gone. I spoke with RAB about this but they didn't think they could do anything about it.


on 03-19-2010 by David

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