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Since 1933, Rain Bird has solidified its place at the top of the irrigation product industry. It offers specialized products for a wide range of landscapes, including gold courses, sports arenas, farms and, of course, homes and business developments. The brand is dedicated to what they refer to as "The Intelligent Use of Water". This means that Rain Bird designs all of its products to use water as efficiently as possible, in addition to conserving water through education, training and developing technological advances.

Westside Wholesale carries a wide range of Rain Bird products, including lawn sprinklers, irrigation valves and irrigation controls. These durable Rain Bird sprinklers and valves are meant for many years of reliable use. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic materials or steel, Rain Bird's irrigation supplies are easy to mount, service and connect.

Once installed, Rain Bird irrigation systems can be easily managed through its many transmitters and controllers. These Rain Bird irrigation controllers can perfectly accommodate many different landscape needs, from simple to complex.

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