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What is the recommended humidity for my home?


To understand the perfect humidity level, one must understand how and why a humidifier works. A humidifier generates a stream of water into a mist at different temperatures to control the air humidity in a room or home. Its generally an electric appliance.

According to Home & Garden, the perfect level of humidity in your home should be between 40-50%. If the level is lower it can contribute to a chill in the air and sense of discomfort. If the level is higher it may become clammy and my contribute to mold growing spores. Controlling the humidity in your home can not only keep your family in comfort, but prevent health problems later. If there is a high level of humidity in the air, the moisture can get trapped and cause mold and mildew along with other hazardous conditions.

What kind of humidifier is right for my home?

If you live in a smaller space such as an apartment or condominium a portable humidifier like Holmes 8 gallon humidier will be perfect for you. Along with being portable, it can run for a full 24 hour period on one fill. Its adjustable comfort level makes it perfect for getting the ideal humidity in your space. It is also equipped with FilterCheck which lets you know when a new filter is needed.

If you live in a multiple room home you might need something larger. The Aprilaire Whole House humidifier can easily be switched from localized dehumidification to a whole house setting. It can even sense the humidity level in your home automatically and adjust for the perfect balance.

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