Reflectix Radiant Barrier Insulation

Reflectix HVBP2405002
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Reflectix HVBP2405002
Reflectix R4.2/R6/R8 HVAC Indoor Double Reflective Duct Insulation - Standard Edge, 24" x 50 Ft (2 Pack)
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About Reflectix Radiant Barrier Insulation

WestsideWholesale offers Reflectix duct insulation which is used as radiant barrier insulation. This insulation material is used for attic insulation to reflect the heat that comes into the home through the roof. It is also used for duct insulation in homes that have air-conditioning systems, walls and floor insulation.

Reflectix duct insulation has several layers of aluminum foil and it's an excellent fiber-free alternative to other duct insulation materials. Reflectix radiant duct insulation allows homeowners to substantially save on heating and air conditioning costs, as well as helping to eliminate mold, mildew, fungi, and dust. The products by Reflectix qualify for Energy Star tax credits. This barrier insulation is used for duct insulation and HVAC insulation. Reflectix radiant barrier is used in the attics to protect radiant energy escaping through the roof.

Reflectix foil tape is used with reflective insulation products to seal the seams. It's an effective adhesive for foil reflective insulation. Another great product that's used with reflective insulation materials is double bubble duct insulation spacer. Spacers provide air space between ducts and insulation. It also consists of reflective layers of film.

Reflectix also makes reflective HVAC corner spacers that are used with reflective insulation. The products are placed in the corners and provide air space under the insulation. They are equipped with an adhesive back and should be applied to clean surfaces.

All-weather outdoor reflective duct insulation is used in outdoor applications and protects ductwork from the elements. It is used around ductwork outside and on the rooftop. It helps to eliminate excessive heat and air loss and reduce energy consumption in the house.

Some Reflectix products are used as reflective coat concrete pads to protect lime in curing concrete. This type of insulation material is effective in protecting water leaks and water intrusings into concrete slabs. Reflectix also produces expansion joint material that is closed-cell foam and is durable and moisture-resistant. This great material is sealant friendly and is easy to handle. This superior quality items are available at the lowest price at Westside Wholesale online store with no shipping cost.

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