Cashback in Westside dollars

Our Cashback is a powerful saving option for loyal customers

As a wholesale company we strive to offer the best conditions for business and professional customers. When buying frequently to fulfil your needs, Cashback in Westside Dollars becomes really handy. You automatically get is as you spend!

Our initial pricing and bundle discounts are pretty competitive. But with Cashback rewards system giving extra 4-10% in savings on future orders, you can enjoy unbeatable wholesale prices!

Ready for more details of how it works?

While racking up your Westside Dollars “WD”, know the following:

  • They can be used on your future orders, but expire after 180 days.
  • 10% “Cashback” means you get 1 WD for every $10 you spend. Look for the icons on the site.
  • The larger your future order, the more WDs you can spend, and up to 10% as a Westside VIP, which is pretty easy to join.
  • Non-VIP usage of WDs are limited to 3% on future orders, so be a VIP. Businesses can call and become a VIP instantly!
  • The amount of WDs you can earn or redeem on an order is displayed in your shopping cart and during checkout.
  • You can also earn WDs by referring a friend, and by writing reviews on items you purchase.
  • Guests don’t receive any WDs, and you can spend up to 100 WDs on any given order.
  • We take back our WDs on all canceled and returned orders…so don’t try anything funny.

Still not sure how this all works? Call our friendly staff and we will be glad to walk you through it.