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Elco Lighting is known for quality of its products. Westside Wholesale offers its customers to take a look on Elco Lighting rope light accessories. These accessories can make rope lights much more efficient and stabile and must-have for people, who would like to use LED-based rope lights in their home lighting system.

Elco Lighting developed many features for lighting systems. The accessory series from this company is a result of researching new features for LED-based lighting devices. LED is an extremely efficient light source and dramatically reduces maintenance and operating costs of the lighting system. The most common uses of LED fit commercial purposes well, but homeowners all over the world use LED rope lights in residential houses and private apartments with great success as well. Elco Lighting offers reliable accessories, which can improve technical parameters and safety of LED.

Elco Lighting EPCLED is a special power cord for any compatible LED rope light or Elco Lighting LED duralight units. This cord allows users to easily install rope lights in any room with standard electrical switchgears. Our customers can use Elco Lighting EPEN accessory it they want to cut the rope light. EPEN is a simple and handy end cap, which fits rope lights perfectly. Elco Lighting solutions provide safety and reliability to the users of rope lights. All products in this section of the catalogue have two year warranty, so our clients can be sure in quality of these accessories.

Rope Lights are being sold in units 150 feet long. Obviously, not many homeowners can use such a long lighting in their houses, thus they need to cut the rope to make a suitable piece. While rope light unit has a power cord and capped at the end, there are no additional accessories for such pieces. Elco Lighting accessories allow users to make functional short length rope lights without any special instruments and skills. Creative homeowners will be glad to work with easy to use accessories for Westside Wholesale.

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