Our Satisfaction and Product Guarantee

Our company is dedicated to you, our customer! We want you to buy with confidence anytime you purchase products on Westside Wholesale.com. We guarantee a simple shopping experience by combining competitive pricing, product availability, excellent customer service, quick shipping, and after sale support and care. Westside Wholesale, Inc. is an Authorized Distributor for products listed throughout the website. We strictly adhere to the Manufacturer Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) guidelines because we believe in the fairness of the marketplace and we value our suppliers that develop these policies. Additionally we believe in giving our customers the best pricing possible.

All of our listed products are in Brand New Condition and come with a Full Manufacturers Warranty. Be aware that there are a great number of websites and individuals on the internet that sell products which are “grey market”, obtained through liquidation, knock-off reproduction or through other channels that are not authorized by the manufacturer’s distribution. Even though the item may be advertised as containing a manufacturer’s warranty, quite often the warranty is void because it is not sold through an authorized distributor. Rest assured that all of the products sold by Westside Wholesale are NOT Refurbished, Used, nor Generic.

We provide phone support, offer Free Ground Shipping for all orders over $399.00 ensure products are properly packaged and keep customers informed of all stages of their order from start to finish. We can guide you through every step of placing an order whether by phone, fax, email or placed on the website. We will answer any and all your questions after you receive your products and will make sure that your purchase experience is exceptional.

We understand that sometimes a product does not perform to your expectations or is possibly flawed or defective due to manufacturing or damage in transit: you are covered for 30 days through our service oriented return policy. With all these benefits, we are able to still provide you with a great price.


You can be assured you'll have an enjoyable and safe shopping experience when purchasing from Westside Wholesale.