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Save Time and Simplify Your Life With Inline Pool Chlorinators


Automatic chlorinators have made the lives of pool owners much easier. Whether you have a residential pool, or a large pool for commercial use, advances in automatic chemical feeders have drastically reduced the amount of time you need to spend maintaining your pool. Technology has thankfully even made it easier to keep your pool safe and sanitary with very little time and maintenance for pool owners due to In-line pool chlorinators, such as those made by Hayward and Pentair.

Inline swimming pool chlorinators have become the most popular type of automated chemical feeders for pools. As opposed to the off-line method of chlorinators, which rely on an intricate system of clamps, tubes and fittings; in-line pool chlorinators are cut to fit directly into your swimming pool’s plumbing.

In-line pool chlorinators are also virtually maintenance free, and are easy to install. They work in conjunction with your pool pump and pool filter. In-line pool filters come equipped with dial control valves so that you can select and control the feed of the chemicals into your swimming pool. They also have large storage capacities to reduce the frequency with which you need to add additional chlorine, and refilling the chlorine chamber is made easy due to convenient and easy to open covers. Most DIY’ers will find installation of in-line chlorinators to be piece of cake.

In-line chlorinators are incredibly versatile, so they can be used to upgrade an existing, older pool, or for a brand new swimming pool. In-line chlorinators for your swimming pool are corrosion-proof by design, so they will last for years, and most come with a warranty directly from the manufacturer.

Westside Wholesale’s competitive pricing structure means that in-line chlorinators for new and existing pools are affordable for whether you have a small swimming pool in your backyard, or own a hotel with a large pool. We also carry off-line chlorinators as well as floating chlorinators for your convenience.

off-line chlorinators as well as floating chlorinators for your convenience.